A Boss To Reckon With – More Proof That Size Matters; Valve Train Stability – Why The Valve Doesn’t Do What It Should; Special Firing-order Camshafts – Advanced Engine Performance Tuning Via Camshaft Design.

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  • A Boss To Reckon With: More Proof That Size Matters – Dave Emanuel
  • Compute This: Use Your Computer To Help Save Time and Do Things Previously Thought Impossible – Kevin Gertgen
  • Dyno Numbers: What To Do With All The Numbers – Bill Hancock
  • Race Bearings: Thoughts, Observations and Tips On Getting The Most From Performance Engine Bearings – Bill Mcknight
  • Carbon Raptor Hard Coating: Material Surface Challenges and The Benefits Of Using Carbon Raptor Technology – George Barr
  • An Overview About The Big Changes In Engine Oil Over the Last 10 Years – Lake Speed Jr.
  • Techside: Special Firing-order Camshafts – Dave Hagen, Mike Caruso and Steve Fox
  • Valve Train Stability – Gary Lewis, Dema Elgin and Rich Olivier