Big Block Heaven – EREF Engine Build, Part 2; Variable Compression Engines; Variable Valve Timing; Cummins ISX Engine; Engine Disassembly; The Loss of an Industry Icon – EREF honors Bill “Will” McKnight.

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Meet Incoming AERA Chairman Corey Schlegelmilch – Jim Rickoff
Crack Detection – Chuck Lynch
VVT Systems – Brian Roberts
AERA’s New Facebook Group for Members – Rob Munro
Bigger Radiator or Thinner Piston Rings – Lake Speed Jr. and Keith Jones
Machine Maintenance – Steve Fox
Big Block Chevy Build, Part 2 – Mike Mavrigian
Gasoline Particulate Filters – Keith Howard and Paul Kirkman
Variable Compression Engines – Dave Hagen
Engine Disassembly – Dave Capitolo
Credit Card Processing for AERA Members – Karen Tendering
How To Recognize and Avoid Phishing Scams – Mark Krinke and Channing Tipton
The Surprise Inside Cummins ISX – Steve Scott