AERA Celebrates 100 Year Anniversary; Bubbles: Meant For Beer, Not Cooling Systems; Lifters: A Technical Overview; Valve Springs: Materials History and Physical Concepts; Piston Pins: Surface Finish and Form.

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Remembering Harold Bettes, Don Rottler – Jim Rickoff and Dave Hagen
How It All Began: Midwest Regrinders Association – Steve Fox
Bubbles: Meant To Be In Beer, Not Your Cooling System – Chuck Lynch
A Brief History of Automotive Head Gaskets – Brian Roberts
50 Years of Toyota Corolla – Dave Hagen
Roller Lifters – Mike Mavrigian
AERA Regional Conferences Are Back – Steve Fox
Valve Springs – Fernando Curello
Behind the Scenes at AERA – Rob Munro
The Archives on – Amanda Harmening
From Shop Talk Newsletter to Engine Professional Magazine – Karen Tendering
Piston Pin Surface Finish and Form – Dan Gathman
Meeting Emissions Targets Isn’t Getting Easier – Scott Halley
Cummins Stop-Start Tech – Dave Hagen