Flat Tappet Camshafts and Oils – What You Need To Know; The Lost Lobe Chronicles – Camshaft Lobes Are Disappearing and Engine Builders Are Wondering Why; Notes On Camshaft Selection – There Are Always Compromises When It Comes To Proper Selection; Camshaft Balancing – When Balancing Camshafts, Unleashing Horsepower Is The Name Of The Game.

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  • Flat Tappet Camshafts and Oils: Gasoline Engine Oils With Reduced Anti-scuffing Additive Packages Found To Be Main Cause For Flat Tappet Camshaft Failures – Dave Hagen, Mike Caruso and Steve Fox
  • The Lost Lobe Chronicles: Camshaft Lobes Have Been Disappearing Faster Than A Politician’s Promise, and Engine Builders Have Been Wondering Why – Dave Emanuel
  • Business News: Many Shop Owners Have Reached The Fork In The Road That Is Forcing Them To Make The Biggest Decision In Their Career… Remain A Full-time, Competent Machinist Or Become A Full-time Business Entrepreneur – Bob Greenwood
  • Camshaft Balancing: Unleashing Horsepower Is The Name Of The Game – Randy Neal
  • Techside: Camshaft Selection Has Never Been Easy… You Need To Know What You Want In The Way Of Performance and What You’re Ready To Give Up In The Way Of Compromises – Gary Lewis