Head Stud Installation

Considerations for this critical procedure
By Mike Mavrigian

This article is intended to discuss (and granted, to possibly overthink) cylinder head stud installation. Each builder likely has a routine that has always worked for them, and likely sees no reason to alter their approach. For the sake of discussion, let’s take a look at the head stud issue and pose a few tips and suggestions.

Most of us have developed habits with regard to certain aspects of engine assembly, and cylinder head stud installation is certainly no exception. We tend to use the same techniques for every engine we build, on the premise “if it works for one engine, it’ll work on all engines and with all stud kits.” As aftermarket components evolve and improve, we find that one approach may not suit all applications. Granted, opinions with regard to head stud installation techniques may differ among builders, but we thought it prudent to address this topic.